Dr Neil Niren MD Dermatology Practice

Dr Neil Niren graduated from the Creighton University School of Medicine in 1978, finished his medical residency in Harvard University (Cambridge Hospital) and completed his dermatology residency in Cook County Hospital. Today Dr Neil Niren runs his own practice.

Neil Niren MD Dermatology Practice

Founded in 1982 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Neil Niren MD dermatology practice offers a broad variety of comprehensive skin care and medical dermatology treatments. Our practice provides expert skin care to patients in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, while following the latest innovations and trends, and using the most advanced methods and technologies.

By creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere we strive to make every visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

We provide every our patient with the best dermatologist treatment so they would be healthy, fresh and rejuvenated. What Neil Niren practice offers is health and beauty which improves the overall quality of life and builds self confidence.

The Staff

The Neil Niren MD practice staff includes five dermatology professionals who are focused on keeping our clients skin healthy and looking it’s best. They are committed to educating the patients with as much practical information as possible to help them maintain healthy skin and to make more informed decisions about their skin’s health and treatments available. As a result of such commitment patients who come for a treatment leave the dermatology practice of Dr. Niren happy and satisfied which can bee seen from the scores and reviews they leave.



Here are some of the conditions treated in Neil Niren MD dermatology practice, and the methods we use to evaluate and treat your skin:


Medical Dermatology

  • Acne Treatments
  • Melafind
  • Wart Removal
  • Eczema Therapy
  • Skin Treatments for Infections
  • Psoriasis Treatments
  • Skin Allergies
  • Rosacea Treatment
  • Rashes
  • Skin Cancer Screenings
  • Hair and Nail Disorders
  • Pre-cancerous skin lesions


Surgical Dermatology

  • Skin Biopsies
  • Melafind
  • Cyst Excision
  • Mole Removal
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Skin Cancer Treatment and Surgery
  • Mohs Surgery


Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Botox Cosmetic and Dysport
  • Restulane
  • Sculptra
  • Radiesse
  • Perlane
  • Juvederm
  • Superficial Chemical Peels
  • Medium Depth Chemical Peels
  • MicroDermabrassion with Vibraderm
  • Hair Loss- Transplants and Restoration



Patient reviews taken from Scorecard:

Dr. Niren is the best dermatologist I’ve ever seen; He is so professional and nice. He takes his time to make sure you’re getting the best treatment, care, and advice possible.


I have been visiting Dr. Neil Niren practice for 3 years now. The people who work there are just amazing and very helpful.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Neil for over a year now and I cannot tell you how grateful I’m. I went to address acne issue and after the second appointment there was a significant improvement.