Cosmetic Dermatology – How to get beautiful and healthy facial skin

Too frequently cleaning of the skin can remove the layer of normal fat which makes it look healthy and nurtured.

Skin-Hydration Neil Niren MD

The moment you start to properly take care of your skin, it will return to its health and beauty. Dermatologist Neil Niren will help you learn how to enable it to look beautiful, healthy and nurtured. Basic daily routine of skin care consists of four steps – to find the right formula, it is important to first know your skin type, whether it is oily, combined, sensitive or dry.


It is important to follow the advice from Neil Niren MD who can recommend appropriate face cleansers. A useful tip is to avoid using soap to wash the face. Use light gels that are available at any pharmacy. Many cleaners contain facial oil, surfactants that clean-up all impurities from the skin. Proper performance of cosmetic cleansers depends on the correct dose of these oils in them. If cleansers have too much oil, the pores will close. Given that, it is important to know the type of skin.

Too frequently cleaning of the skin can remove the layer of normal fat which makes it look healthy and nurtured. It applies mostly to people who have oily skin and often clean their face to reduce the glare on face. As a result, the skin becomes tight and rough, which is not good. If you clean the face several times a day it only worsens the condition of the skin which starts to secrete more sebum.

The most important thing is to clean the face at night before going to bed and in the morning just to wash off with water. However, preparations for hydration are used at night, in the morning they need to be cleaned from the face. Remember to never wash the face with very cold water or very hot water and never go to bed without cleaning the skin first.

The best way to clean the face is by gently applying cleaner with light circular movements. Then wash the face, first with mildly hot and then with cooler one.


Many women avoid peeling or do not do it often enough, not thinking that small and easy peel is quite effective and allows to improve the quality of face skin. Every three weeks normal skin is renewed, which means the cells of the bottom layer of skin to reach the surface. Dermatologists from Neil Niren MD Practice suggest that the easiest and fastest way to restore the skin is by regular performing a peeling. In addition it removes dead skin cells from the surface, making it look nourished, fresh and allowing it to easier absorb hydrant cosmetics. For oily and combined skin Neil Niren recommends doing peeling three times a week with special products suggested by a specialist dermatologist. For dry and sensitive skin it is enough once a week. During summer months when it is hot, peeling can be done more often, because the skin sweats more often, not allowing skin cells to breathe.


Of particular importance is the skin hydration. However an excessive hydration can aggravate the situation with acne. Therefore it is essential to have correct and moderate moisture.


The harmful sun rays are the most common enemy of the skin. The harmful sun rays are the most common cause of wrinkles, therefore it is important to use creams with high SPF. Daily moisturizer should contain protection, but before deciding on the right product, make sure it contains at least one of the three active substances that protect against UVA and UVB rays (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or avobenzone). The night cream should be without SPF. If you follow these tips from Neil Niren MD and if consult dermatologist for proper care of your skin type your skin will be healthy and nourished, and you will feel satisfied and happy.

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