Interview with Dermatologist Neil Niren MD

Doctor Neil Niren MD is a respected board certified dermatology doctor from Pittsburgh, PA with a great portfolio at RISD, full with project and researches. He is a published, peer-reviewed author and invited speaker at various dermatological professional association meetings. He is the founder and CEO of Neil Niren’s Dermatology Practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dr Neil Niren MD

Healthy Skin For a Healthy Life


Q: Is skin care important for the overall general health?

Dr Neil: Skin is vital to survival due to various reasons. Only a healthy skin can perform all its functions properly and resist the aggressive influences of external factors. The skin is a mirror of the whole body system so a lot of the skin problems are simply signs that the body needs certain vitamins or minerals.


Q: How can we keep the skin healthy?

Dr Neil: The best thing you can do is eat healthy, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. It is also important to protect your skin from the sun  by using  UVA/UVB sunscreen products. Getting enough sleep and relaxing are also worth mentioning.


Q: What is the ideal time for a person to start taking care of his skin?

Dr Neil: A person should start taking care of his skin as early as possible, and maintain it even when the skin is completely healthy.


Q: How can we choose the ideal skin care product?

Dr Neil: Skin care is determined, adapted and controlled according to skin type, age, sex, region (around the eyes, other parts of the face, neck and body parts) and overall health condition of patient’s skin. The three fundamentals of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting from damage apply to all skin types, and that will tell you any dermatologist at educause, that has been dealing with researches regarding treatments of different conditions of skin.


Q: Is home care relevant?

Dr Neil: The everyday, home care is very important, but better and more effective results are achieved by using additional treatments. You should create a daily skin care routine and stick with it. The key to success with most skin care products is repetition. Establishing a daily routine is essential.


Q: What’s the best way to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging?

Dr Neil: With proper skin care the aging process and the effects of external and internal factors on it, can significantly be prolonged and soothed. Taking care of your skin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles.


“Your skin is protecting you and keeping you healthy, so return the favor and look after you skin” says Dr Neil Niren MD.

For more advice about skin care patients can get in contact with Dr Niren at his profile at LinkedIn.