Shrinking Skin Pores

Maintaining clean, healthy skin pores is important for having good skin. When pores get clogged by dirt and oil, a pile-up of oil and dead skin cells are created in the follicle. Soon, bacteria make their way to the blockage, and their growth causes inflammation. The loss of collagen is another reason why skin pores are formed. Genetics also plays a major role in their formation. If you have problems with pores, Neil Niren MD, a certified dermatologist, offers you useful advice on how to properly take care of and reduce enlarged pores.

Neil Niren MD Remedies to Shrink the Open Pores

We all wish that our pores look smaller. But what we don’t know is that pores do not actually grow or shrink, but they appear to be larger when they’re clogged.

When doing your make-up, use only light and airy makeup, and always make sure to clean your face once you get back home. Every dermatologist from Neil Niren MD Dermatology Practice will recommend exfoliating the facial skin twice a week. This helps to remove the dead skin cells, dirt and debris from the skin. Never scrub your face too roughly or exfoliate the blemishes as it may cause irritation. The pores tend to expand due to excess scrubbing. This will make your skin look radiant and it will clean the pores. In addition to cleansing the skin with peeling you should also clean your face daily, using washing products.
If you’re looking for a home remedy to reduce the appearance of your pores, Dr. Niren suggests using a small amount of brown sugar mixed with water and apple cider vinegar. Rub the combination over your skin, exfoliating gently. The natural exfoliate in brown sugar will help open and clean your pores.

Genetic factors or environmental damage and aging also contribute to the size of pore. These pores become visible and seem to be larger due to the inadequate skin care and problems such as blackheads expand your pores more than required.
Another useful advice that dermatologist Neil Niren shared is using face steam once a week. Steaming your face helps to open your skin pores and remove debris, oil and other impurities from your pores. Once you finish, rinse your face with lukewarm water and gently pat it dry. If you like to know more connect with Dr. Niren at LinkedIn. This is Niren’s profile.

The best time to apply a facial mask is right after steaming as the pores are open and the mask will be able to penetrate more deeply. Use clay masks as they are beneficial for blemishes and absorbing excess oil. Clay masks also help to shrink your pores.

Although these things can help a lot, still the best advice that any doctor could give you is to take care of your skin every day. Leading a healthy life, proper nutrition and the right amount of liquid are important elements for maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

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