Skin Care

The skin is our largest organ. Its many functions (protection, thermoregulation, …) are resulting from the fact that the skin is our barrier and main contact with the environment. The skin is an organ that is often the first to provide information about the status and health of the organism, of the age, the way in which we treat it and how much we cherish.

Skin-care-dermatology-center-neil-nirenA little effort put into skincare several times will give us results. Dermatologists add that proper skin care consists of several steps. For skin specialist, Dr. Neil Niren, the first is the selection of appropriate care products. To do this, we must first get to know the condition and type of our skin.

It is often difficult to distinguish the type of skin as the skin, depending on the season, acts different. But with the advice from Neil Niren MD, it is possible to choose the right care.

It should be noted that the skin is made up of water that is lost every day, and over the years the share of water in the skin is dramatically reduced. Thus, children’s skin contains about 70% water, while adults it contains less than 50%. The skin of young children is soft as velvet and tense because of the abundance of water in the deeper layers. At that age, each skin cell lives in the best circumstances. Daily skin care will keep these optimal conditions. It requires spending five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.

Selected products must fit perfectly in the physiology of the skin and its function as a natural layer. In addition, Dr. Niren wants them to be able to perform numerous other tasks: to deliver into the skin nutrients, vitamins, moisturizers, antioxidants, trace elements, to prevent water loss, protect the environment from pollution and excessive sunlight, and also serve as a base for color cosmetics.

Given that the number of tasks, a preparation can not be carried out alone. Deermatologist Dr. Niren usually divides them between night and day care cream with different textures in which the active ingredients are dissolved in a different way and in different concentrations.

So Dr. Neil Niren distinguishes creams for different purposes (moisturizing, nourishing, day, night), fluids (the lightest products, often without fat), gels (lean texture that is especially quickly absorbed and leaves a feeling of freshness to the skin) or serums (products with a high concentration of active ingredients).

The indispensable moment in skin care is its proper cleaning. Dermatologist Niren suggests picking products that are not aggressive, as they have to cleanse the skin. But such products should not disrupt the hydro-lipid layer – the skin’s natural defenses. After cleansing, skin tone your need as a tonic normalizes its balance after cleansing, removes cleaning and preparing for the care that follows.

If we consider the fact that the skin with water loses dissolved nutrients and elements necessary for healthy functioning, then the preparations based on sea water particularly suitable for the proper care and compensation for loss of substance. Dr Niren’s skincare preparations with natural ingredients have a special trust at the patients. His product line is the result of tradition and pharmaceutical knowledge and the inside of it everyone will be able to find appropriate care.

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